We are well into the edit of “The Bird” now and the film is looking stunning.

As you may know, we’re managing to make this film through a combination of factors. We run a production company, Turtle Canyon Media, and make corporate and promotional films; this allows us to own equipment that we can then also use on our own projects. We also crowd-sourced additional funding and benefitted from the generosity of a very talented cast and crew, working for love, not money.

This means we are about 60% through finishing a film that should cost around £35,000, with just under £1500.

We know it’s asking a lot but “The Bird” would really benefit from any extra contributions that can help make the final film a real masterpiece that can be acclaimed at festivals worldwide.

If you would like to contribute please hit the donate button above to help us directly via PayPal.

Everyone who contributes at this stage will receive a personal thank you from the team, an online preview of the finished film and an invite to a London screening.